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Had lunch at this swanky little restaurant called Swich Cafe today with Man Ling and her friend. We were supposed to hang out in KL today, but we figured we’d have lunch first before we headed off. Plus, Man Ling read about this delicious new item they added on their menu - soft shell crab pizza with butter sauce and salted egg - and we were just craving to try it. :D

However, when we got there, they didn’t have the item added to their menu yet so the waitress decided to give us an alternative: CHICKEN pizza with butter sauce and salted egg. There was some negotiation for the price and all (cause it was off menu), but eventually we were set on it. We also ordered a plate of carbonara pasta just in case the pizza wasn’t enough.

The pizza was pretty good. But the pasta was quite dry and the portion was so little. Thank goodness we all chipped in equally for the meal or it would’ve been really pricey for each of us to afford on our own. Haha.

Afterward, Man Ling’s friend left and the both of us boarded the bus to the nearest LRT station. :D


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